Ratliff Media Consulting,  LLC are the consummate radio broadcast professionals.  We pride ourselves in being an innovative company. Our  ideas and resources are designed to help you maximize your profits and develop new opportunities through the use of  outstanding communication tools. Our expertise is in product buying, branding, operational management, and creating financial opportunities in the communities you serve, and ensuring a well-run and successful business.

Ratliff Media Consulting also offers image consulting services to assist you into becoming the best "you" for yourself and your clients. We provide stylist services to review your wardrobe and assist with shopping. We can also advise on fashion trends related to grooming, hair, and personal styles. Our team of professionals can help you to boost your image through our training on verbal and nonverbal communication skills and business etiquette. With our assistance, you will have the resources you need to build and maintain a brand that will allow you to “market" yourself and your organization successfully to clients and investors. 


Our savvy communications team, combined with the use of the latest technological advances, allows us to guarantee that your enterprise will experience the growth you know it is capable of. Let us help you grow your brand globally, and show you how to create ongoing brand loyalty.  If you give us the opportunity to help you with media broadcasting, public relations, and image, then we’ll show you why we have earned a reputation for transforming businesses into their optimal success, as one-of-a-kind operations. 

The Ratliff Media Consulting team is led by Joel Ratliff.  With over 35 years of broadcast experience, he firmly believes that broadcast FM radio is still the best way to communicate with the market it serves.   Ratliff has demonstrated experience in making successful radio stations.  This includes building them from inception,  and optimizing the operations of existing stations, and turning them into profitable revenue and rating winners.  


To learn more, please contact us at (501) 258-5288 or e-mail at joel@ratliffmedia.com.  


Brand Management

We create solutions to take your brand/company to the next level of excellence.

Artist Management/Consultant

Ratliff Media Consulting has multiple management solutions to help you achieve your professional goals as an artist!  We focus on YOU as the artist and what’s the next level for your brand.

1. Social Media Management
2. Metrics
3. Budget Management
4. Strategic Marketing Plan
5. Next Level Execution

"Always remember, there's levels to this game."

We focus on the following Services:

Purchasing Radio Stations/LMA

Revenue Building, Agency Sales, Programming, Defining Research Data, Local Direct Sales.

Operational Management

We focus on the three laws of performance.

  1. Performance directly correlates to how situations occur.

  2. How situations occur depends on the language used.

  3. Future-based language creates transformational thinking.